Books I read in June



I had a goal of reading five books this month, and got through three. Which I’m pretty proud of.
I’m also going to blame the third book ya’ll, it was exhausting. But I pushed through.


Here are the three books I read in June.
And if I’d recommend them.

#1. Now I See You: A Memoir by Nicole Kear
I’m super into memoirs so I loved this. It’s her story about going blind as an adult to due an eye disease (I didn’t spoil anything, look at the title). It’s really funny, and also so sad and terrifying at parts. She discusses college, and then adulthood, including being a mother. There were times when I was reading that I almost forgot she was blind/going blind. The book is written so beautifully. You get to walk through this journey with her, through her fears and triumphs.
Would I recommend this book: a big ole yes.

#2. Lunch in Paris: A love story with Recipes by Elizabeth Bard
Another memoir. Yes please. It had me at Paris and recipes. It’s a sweet story of a couple in Paris and the author walks you through her (at times super trying) journey to become “Parisian”. I have to admit that I didn’t copy any of the recipes down, but want to get the book again just to do so. The story has a happy ending that I almost thought was going to happen at times, but really did.
Would I recommend this book: yes.

#3. The Decent Proposal by Kemper Donovan
I’ll admit I picked this book up because it was “new” and I liked the cover. I skimmed the inside cover real quick to make sure it was something I’d enjoy. Which I kinda did. I’m a sucker for great writing, and to be honest, this wasn’t it. The book is pretty long, but it could be cut in half. I found myself wondering why the author was telling me really useless information. There’s a lot of it in this book. It is a different take on a love story, so I enjoyed the plot. But. So much I didn’t need to know. About half way through I decided I needed to finish just to be done.
Would I recommend this book: no.

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When you hit “Follow”

I don’t care how old I get, or how many “followers” I get, it’s always a crappy feeling when you figure out someone has “unfollowed” you or “unfriended” you.

I know I’m not the only one who’s figured this out.

And here’s the funny part, I unfollow people all the time.
Especially lately.

Social media is a wonderful thing. I will always choose to see the good in it rather than all the bad. Yes, occasionally I’ll need a break from it.
Like last week (maybe a post on that later).
But then my feed was flooded with the Cleveland Cavaliers (THE WORLD CHAMPS BABY) and I smiled again.

I’ve struggled though on social media, and blogging with the numbers game. How many followers, who’s reading my blog, comments, no comments, shares, likes.
It becomes exhausting.

With those hearts popping up or notifications, as humans we look for those now when ever we hit publish. On a blog, on a picture, on a share. We need to know that people saw it and liked it.

I also know I can’t be the only one who checks Instagram way more after posting a picture. Humans live off of the “yes I like this”.

I was slapped in the “I unfollowed you” face this week when I realized someone unfollowed me on Twitter, Instagram, and unfriended me on Facebook. The trifecta.

It was a really crappy feeling.

Because when you hit “Follow” by someones name, you’re saying, “Yes, I like you. And I want to see into your life. I want to know how you do things, I want to read your opinions, I want to see all the pictures of your cute babe”.

But then when you unfollow someone.

You’re saying, “I don’t agree with you, you don’t make sense, your posts are frustrating me, we’re just too different…but your baby is still the cutest”.

As a human, I want to email that person and ask flat out why they “don’t like me” anymore. Because that’s how I feel. It stings. It makes me wonder what I posted that made them upset, because I can’t wrap my head around someone just unfollowing me and Em (jk jk).

We’ve all seen peoples opinions lately on just about everything.
Gun control.
Human life.

It’s exhausting.

Sometimes I think about making cover photos and about me sections simple so people know exactly what I stand for.
Jesus lover, Wife, Mommy, Pro-lifer, 2nd Amendment Supporter, Republican (although that’s a pretty loaded word these days), Wine Enthusiast, Vaccinator.

I know this is coming off like I only want to be friends with people who share the same opinions as mine but that’s not it at all. One of my very best friends has the poplar opposite opinion on just about everything I do. But it works because we respect each other.

And that’s where I think we’ve lost it.

Instead of just respecting people for their opinions, we just “unfollow” or “unfriend”. Myself included.

We go from saying, “I want to see into your life”, to “I don’t want to be friends”.

I’m not sure how we get back at this point, other than prayer. I know that sounds so cliche. But.
At some point we have to realize that we’re all in this together.
That we’re allowed to have different opinions and shouldn’t be divided just because of them.
That we all have a voice that we’re allowed to use.

And also.

That if someone does “unfollow” us. It isn’t the end of the world.



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Daddy’s Day 2016

Baby girl,

I wish you could remember the way your daddy is with you. Since you won’t I take a million pictures, you can thank me later. When I tell you he’s crazy about you, I mean it. The day you were born was without a doubt a turning point in his life. All the years of me say, “Oh you just wait for that little girl one day” finally came true. I love thinking about the future and the first date you’ll go on (and laugh), or the first prom you’ll attend, the first time you join a sports team because I can not wait to see how daddy does.

I know for sure that he’ll support you in everything you do. Every choice you make he’ll be there cheering you on, unless it’s a bad one like robbing a bank. Duh.
He’ll always be there to wrap those big bear arms around you when you have a bad day, and will always make sure the bad guys don’t come back.

Em, I know daddy will always teach you to love the Lord, mostly by example. Which is a beautiful thing to see.

This first Father’s Day with you here was pretty perfect, if I do say so myself. We spent the whole weekend celebrating daddy, but I think can both agree, he deserves a lot longer.

So to the best dad in the world, we love you!


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Win one for the Dads

Dear LeBron and Friends,

I can’t say with certainty that you did this on purpose, but I think we all know you knew what you were doing.

Game 7…on Father’s Day?

It’s almost like we couldn’t have written a better ending if we tried. Ok a win would ultimately be the best way to end this story, obviously. But this lead up you’ve done is pretty great.

Here’s the thing though.
I don’t want a win tonight just for me, because of all the sports, this is the game that has my heart.

I want a win tonight for my dad.

For the man who’s waited fifty two years for a Championship in Cleveland.
For the man who’s watched season after season.
For the man who’s motto has been, “There’s always next year”.
For the man who taught me about the game, and every other sport too.
For the man that taught me to stick with Cleveland despite all the losses.
For the man who I’d call telling him, “I can’t anymore with this city dad, I quit!” And his response would be, “No you won’t, you’re from Cleveland.


I’ve only been on this earth for twenty seven years, but I’ve watched a lot of close calls with Cleveland. I vaguely remember the Indians in 1997. I remember wearing an Indians sweatshirt and having a Chief Wahoo tattoo on my face, for my third grade picture because we had made it. And then we lost.
I remember sitting in the living room watching the NBA finals in 2007, wondering how on earth this was happening. To make it so far, just to loose again.
I went to a baseball game the night you, LeBron, decided to take your talents to south beach. I’ve had my heart broken a lot, but dang bro. That one stung. I put you on hate list. I’d also like to point out how terrible it was living in Florida and being a Cavs fan. Those heat fans came out of the wood work.

And then when you came back. I’ve got goose bumps writing it. Getting the call from my best friend (also from Ohio) and hearing her say, “Meg, he’s coming back”, will be a moment I’ll never forget. Conveniently enough, I was in Cleveland with my mom visiting family. That night we went to the Indians game, and saw your face back on every billboard with the words, “I’m coming home”. That heart break you caused us seemed to be healing.
And last year. Ugh. Last year. I could taste it. The trophy was there in Cleveland. Only to be raised by the Warriors.


It’s only 10 am and I’ve already cried. I get that some people reading this are going to think I’m insane. I get that the Warriors bandwagon is so full they’ve had to get a bigger bus. People just don’t get it unless their from Cleveland. And I understand that. From the looks of it, LeBron, I think you’ve done an incredible job of making the team, Kyrie, Kevin, Jefferson, Tristan, JR, Timofey, Channing, Shumpert, realize what this means to the city of Cleveland.

What it means to you.

What it means to my dad. 

So guys, winning the NBA Championship for Cleveland on Father’s Day would really be great.
If you don’t, we’ll all be here next years.

But if you do…well, I almost can’t think of the right words that would describe that feeling.

Please just do it for my dad. For all the Cleveland dads out there, who have instilled in their children this “legacy”, if you will.
Who have cheered season after season for the Cavs, the Indians, and the Browns. Do it for them. They really, really deserve it.

A Clevelander, born and raised.

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Emily Mae // 8 months

MeganElizabethPhotography-1-2 copy 2

I honestly thought I was about five months behind on doing this, so props to me.

+She is such a weirdo. If you follow me on snapchat {megwestmoreland} then you know. But it makes me laugh, and I know exactly where she gets it from.

+”Dada” finally came out. It’s fine though. I carry you for nine months, push you out of my body, but you say dada first. It’s cool, no problem.

+Try as she might, the crawling thing hasn’t happened yet {ok technically as I write this she’s army crawling but this is month nine, so be patient}. She gets on her belly and flops around like a fish out of water.

+Any time Em is in her walker all I think about is that commercial from the 90’s with the baby in the walker. It’s racing around the house. Which is kinda what she does. Except she’s stuck in the dinning room, she’s got a lot of room.

+Her personality is shining through more and more, and I can tell this kid is going to be a bit of a diva. I laugh at her when I take something from her she shouldn’t have and she yells. Like, dang girl. Chill. She is my child.

+Elmo is her new bff. Sesame Street is the new go to around here and when ever Elmo comes on the screen she gets the biggest grin on her face. I’ll be out buying any thing and everything Elmo if you need me.

+Still sleeping like a champ, had a couple rough weeks. But let’s just hypothetically say mommy let her take a three hour nap one day and that’s what started it all. #imanidiot

+Em still only has two teeth and because I’m a first time mom, food freaks me out. But I’m trying. Baby food is no problem, but we’ve given her some “big people” food too. She loves watermelon, can tolerate strawberries, and loves anything mommy is eating. I’ve been giving her little bites of whatever I have sometimes, such as licking cheese of my finger from my Shake Shack cheese fries. #momwin

I can’t believe we’re closer and closer to one. Still asking, how do I make her stop growing?

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The City Beautiful


Worst shooting in American History.
Terrorist attack.
Nightclub shooting.

I stared at these words all day yesterday on the news and social media, almost in disbelief. This is my city. My home. This nightclub is five minutes up the road from where my baby girl was born. These are my neighbors. This is my city.

It would hit me in waves.

I wasn’t just watching a city over seas. Or across the country. I was watching news anchors standing on streets I drive past every week. Giving interviews to the Mayor of my city, getting remarks from the Chief of Police for my city.

I cried. A lot yesterday. I cried for these victims. For their families. Who unlike me, woke up yesterday morning wondering if their daughter, son, brother, sister, were alive. I cried that there was a group of innocent people who were wrongfully targeted. I cried because this is the world that I have to raise my baby in. And I just don’t understand it.

I hit every emotion in the book. I was sad. And so so angry at these people. These terrible people who hate us. Who want nothing more than for all of us to be dead. And that’s a hard pill to swallow.

I don’t know a lot right now.
But here’s what I do know.

I know that Orlando is a beautiful city. Full of beautiful, loving people. I know that God is stronger. That He mourns with us and He has us wrapped up in His arms. I know that America is going to come together and take a stand against this terrorism.

I know, that we must not point fingers at each other right now. No matter what our views are on guns, homosexuality, or politics. We have to come together. Because that’s what they want. They want us to be at odds with each other.

But we’re bigger and stronger.

I love where I live. This is where I’ll raise my babies. And I’m sure as hell not going to live in any kind of fear because of this.

There’s a long road ahead to get through this. But we will. Because this is America.

Orlando, I love you.
To the all the first responders: there aren’t enough words to describe the gratitude I have for you.


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Making Disciples

I think sometimes there’s too much of an emphasis put on a mission field being an actual location. Like South America, or Africa. We focus so much on the fact that we have to get on some sort of transportation to get there.

But I have to disagree.

Our mission fields are our homes. Our offices. Our grocery stores. Our mission field are our lives in general.

I wrote a post for Motherhood Inspired on this topic and I’d love for you to hop over and read it!

You can check it out here!

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A Summer To-Do List


#1. Go to the beach. This one’s obvious.

#2. Get a library card. If you don’t have one, get one. It’s free, the books are free. Who doesn’t love free? Plus. Less social media. More books.

#3. Go on vacation or day trip. Maybe somewhere off the beaten path, somewhere different. It doesn’t have be far, just somewhere you’ve had on the list.

#4. Have a cookout. I know I can’t be the only one that loves having people over, especially in the summer time. Kids in the pool, burgers on the grill? So cliche America and I love it.

#5. Get donuts. Preferably today because it’s National Donut Day. You’re welcome.

#6. Go see a movie. Like actually in the theaters. It’s becoming a lost art.

#7. Triple your water intake. Seriously. It’s already too hot for words down here. Summer is no time to forget the water.

#8. Have a picnic.

#9. Make a list of things to do locally with your family. Summer is always the season with community happenings, google your city, or look on facebook, you’ll find some things to do. (Food trucks, fireworks, concerts)

#10. Do something once a week, just for you. Mamas especially. Schools out which means kiddos all the time. Do something once a week for yourself. Mani/pedi. Go sit at a coffee shop for an hour to read. Maybe don’t do work…let it be relaxing!

Summer I’m pumped for you.

What’s on your summer to-do list?

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June Goals


How it’s already JUNE, I have no idea. But I’m pretty sure I say that every month. But the fact that it’s summer, which means SOMEONE TURNS ONE SOON, is totally throwing me off. I literally can’t talk about it without crying. So we’re moving on.


I love June. Summer is my jam. The pool, less hurry. Sunshine. Yes and yes. Obviously this summer is going to be more fun than pasts because of a certain cutie being here. I’m so excited for summers now that she’s here. And future siblings. Kids yelling in the back yard and swimming, ugh! YES.

I’m really trying to come up with goals to stick to. Maybe it’s lame, but I’ve picked one’s that are totally feasible. Does anyone else feel like sometimes, when they make goals, they pick these huge outlandish ones? Almost like setting yourself up for failuer Or maybe I’m the only one who’s put “sky diving” on their monthly goals list.

So I’m keeping it simple from now on. Nothing major, just things I want to get done, because I want to enjoy them.

June Goals.
1. Read 5 books. I went to the library for the first time since Em’s been born the other day and finished a book in two days. So five I can do.
2. Get away for a night with Sonny. I know, she’s nine months old and we haven’t been away. But when your kid sleeps through the night, why would I need to? But some time with my man alone would be nice.
3. Leu Gardens Storytime. I’ve had it on the to-do every month and haven’t been yet.
4. Donate the mass amount of clothing I have. I did an overhaul of my closet recently and it’s all in bags…just gatta get it out.
5. Five new go to recipes. I tend to cook the same things over and over again, unless I find a recipe. Last week Sonny told me he could no longer eat chicken and broccoli, one of my go to’s. Message received, right there with ya.

What are your goals for June?

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Friendships and Motherhood


I’ve started this blog over and over again, erasing every word I’ve typed for a good ten minutes now. That’s a lot of thoughts, erased.

I had this vision of writing this really great blog about friendship. And how it’s hard, but so wonderful. Because I firmly believe that. Friendships are hard and wonderful.

But lately.

Lately I’ve kinda had this feeling that some friendships are kicking my butt and leaving me exhausted.
Which I can honestly say, at this current moment, I ain’t got time for all that.

Mom brain is a real thing, and since it’s got 95% of my brain that leaves me with 5% for myself. And trying to fit in friendships that keep me feeling crappy isn’t going to happen.

So maybe this will be a post about being really thankful for the friendships I have that are thriving. One’s that have happened over time, one’s that I’ve didn’t see coming, and the one’s that have been here for as long as I can remember.

Being a mom doesn’t mean I’ve given up on friendships. In fact, I feel like I’ve made a point to get together more with friends near by. To try and make plans. Sometimes it hasn’t worked out. Sometimes I’ve tried to hard with people.

And that’s what can’t happen anymore.

I don’t think we’re supposed to drain ourselves for others, when they don’t seem to care.


Again, I’ll state. I’m so thankful for the friendships I have. For the women in my life that just get me. That understand what’s going on in my life. Some of them are other moms, some of them aren’t.

Can I just say for a minute, that I’m reaaaally thankful for my non-mama friends. Who make it a priority to ask how my life is, and come see my babe. Nothing makes a mama’s heart bigger than her friends lovin on her baby.

Where am I going with this post? Not sure.
Having one of those vomit of the keyboard type things happening.

I’m just thankful for the friends in my life who are here for me.

You know who you are. Love you. Mean it.

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