Books I read in June



I had a goal of reading five books this month, and got through three. Which I’m pretty proud of.
I’m also going to blame the third book ya’ll, it was exhausting. But I pushed through.


Here are the three books I read in June.
And if I’d recommend them.

#1. Now I See You: A Memoir by Nicole Kear
I’m super into memoirs so I loved this.┬áIt’s her story about going blind as an adult to due an eye disease (I didn’t spoil anything, look at the title). It’s really funny, and also so sad and terrifying at parts. She discusses college, and then adulthood, including being a mother. There were times when I was reading that I almost forgot she was blind/going blind. The book is written so beautifully. You get to walk through this journey with her, through her fears and triumphs.
Would I recommend this book: a big ole yes.

#2. Lunch in Paris: A love story with Recipes by Elizabeth Bard
Another memoir. Yes please. It had me at Paris and recipes. It’s a sweet story of a couple in Paris and the author walks you through her (at times super trying) journey to become “Parisian”. I have to admit that I didn’t copy any of the recipes down, but want to get the book again just to do so. The story has a happy ending that I almost thought was going to happen at times, but really did.
Would I recommend this book: yes.

#3. The Decent Proposal by Kemper Donovan
I’ll admit I picked this book up because it was “new” and I liked the cover. I skimmed the inside cover real quick to make sure it was something I’d enjoy. Which I kinda did. I’m a sucker for great writing, and to be honest, this wasn’t it. The book is pretty long, but it could be cut in half. I found myself wondering why the author was telling me really useless information. There’s a lot of it in this book. It is a different take on a love story, so I enjoyed the plot. But. So much I didn’t need to know. About half way through I decided I needed to finish just to be done.
Would I recommend this book: no.

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