Daddy’s Day 2016

Baby girl,

I wish you could remember the way your daddy is with you. Since you won’t I take a million pictures, you can thank me later. When I tell you he’s crazy about you, I mean it. The day you were born was without a doubt a turning point in his life. All the years of me say, “Oh you just wait for that little girl one day” finally came true. I love thinking about the future and the first date you’ll go on (and laugh), or the first prom you’ll attend, the first time you join a sports team because I can not wait to see how daddy does.

I know for sure that he’ll support you in everything you do. Every choice you make he’ll be there cheering you on, unless it’s a bad one like robbing a bank. Duh.
He’ll always be there to wrap those big bear arms around you when you have a bad day, and will always make sure the bad guys don’t come back.

Em, I know daddy will always teach you to love the Lord, mostly by example. Which is a beautiful thing to see.

This first Father’s Day with you here was pretty perfect, if I do say so myself. We spent the whole weekend celebrating daddy, but I think can both agree, he deserves a lot longer.

So to the best dad in the world, we love you!


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