Emily Mae // 8 months

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I honestly thought I was about five months behind on doing this, so props to me.

+She is such a weirdo. If you follow me on snapchat {megwestmoreland} then you know. But it makes me laugh, and I know exactly where she gets it from.

+”Dada” finally came out. It’s fine though. I carry you for nine months, push you out of my body, but you say dada first. It’s cool, no problem.

+Try as she might, the crawling thing hasn’t happened yet {ok technically as I write this she’s army crawling but this is month nine, so be patient}. She gets on her belly and flops around like a fish out of water.

+Any time Em is in her walker all I think about is that commercial from the 90’s with the baby in the walker. It’s racing around the house. Which is kinda what she does. Except she’s stuck in the dinning room, she’s got a lot of room.

+Her personality is shining through more and more, and I can tell this kid is going to be a bit of a diva. I laugh at her when I take something from her she shouldn’t have and she yells. Like, dang girl. Chill. She is my child.

+Elmo is her new bff. Sesame Street is the new go to around here and when ever Elmo comes on the screen she gets the biggest grin on her face. I’ll be out buying any thing and everything Elmo if you need me.

+Still sleeping like a champ, had a couple rough weeks. But let’s just hypothetically say mommy let her take a three hour nap one day and that’s what started it all. #imanidiot

+Em still only has two teeth and because I’m a first time mom, food freaks me out. But I’m trying. Baby food is no problem, but we’ve given her some “big people” food too. She loves watermelon, can tolerate strawberries, and loves anything mommy is eating. I’ve been giving her little bites of whatever I have sometimes, such as licking cheese of my finger from my Shake Shack cheese fries. #momwin

I can’t believe we’re closer and closer to one. Still asking, how do I make her stop growing?

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