Making Disciples

I think sometimes there’s too much of an emphasis put on a mission field being an actual location. Like South America, or Africa. We focus so much on the fact that we have to get on some sort of transportation to get there.

But I have to disagree.

Our mission fields are our homes. Our offices. Our grocery stores. Our mission field are our lives in general.

I wrote a post for Motherhood Inspired on this topic and I’d love for you to hop over and read it!

You can check it out here!

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A Summer To-Do List


#1. Go to the beach. This one’s obvious.

#2. Get a library card. If you don’t have one, get one. It’s free, the books are free. Who doesn’t love free? Plus. Less social media. More books.

#3. Go on vacation or day trip. Maybe somewhere off the beaten path, somewhere different. It doesn’t have be far, just somewhere you’ve had on the list.

#4. Have a cookout. I know I can’t be the only one that loves having people over, especially in the summer time. Kids in the pool, burgers on the grill? So cliche America and I love it.

#5. Get donuts. Preferably today because it’s National Donut Day. You’re welcome.

#6. Go see a movie. Like actually in the theaters. It’s becoming a lost art.

#7. Triple your water intake. Seriously. It’s already too hot for words down here. Summer is no time to forget the water.

#8. Have a picnic.

#9. Make a list of things to do locally with your family. Summer is always the season with community happenings, google your city, or look on facebook, you’ll find some things to do. (Food trucks, fireworks, concerts)

#10. Do something once a week, just for you. Mamas especially. Schools out which means kiddos all the time. Do something once a week for yourself. Mani/pedi. Go sit at a coffee shop for an hour to read. Maybe don’t do work…let it be relaxing!

Summer I’m pumped for you.

What’s on your summer to-do list?

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June Goals


How it’s already JUNE, I have no idea. But I’m pretty sure I say that every month. But the fact that it’s summer, which means SOMEONE TURNS ONE SOON, is totally throwing me off. I literally can’t talk about it without crying. So we’re moving on.


I love June. Summer is my jam. The pool, less hurry. Sunshine. Yes and yes. Obviously this summer is going to be more fun than pasts because of a certain cutie being here. I’m so excited for summers now that she’s here. And future siblings. Kids yelling in the back yard and swimming, ugh! YES.

I’m really trying to come up with goals to stick to. Maybe it’s lame, but I’ve picked one’s that are totally feasible. Does anyone else feel like sometimes, when they make goals, they pick these huge outlandish ones? Almost like setting yourself up for failuer Or maybe I’m the only one who’s put “sky diving” on their monthly goals list.

So I’m keeping it simple from now on. Nothing major, just things I want to get done, because I want to enjoy them.

June Goals.
1. Read 5 books. I went to the library for the first time since Em’s been born the other day and finished a book in two days. So five I can do.
2. Get away for a night with Sonny. I know, she’s nine months old and we haven’t been away. But when your kid sleeps through the night, why would I need to? But some time with my man alone would be nice.
3. Leu Gardens Storytime. I’ve had it on the to-do every month and haven’t been yet.
4. Donate the mass amount of clothing I have. I did an overhaul of my closet recently and it’s all in bags…just gatta get it out.
5. Five new go to recipes. I tend to cook the same things over and over again, unless I find a recipe. Last week Sonny told me he could no longer eat chicken and broccoli, one of my go to’s. Message received, right there with ya.

What are your goals for June?

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Friendships and Motherhood


I’ve started this blog over and over again, erasing every word I’ve typed for a good ten minutes now. That’s a lot of thoughts, erased.

I had this vision of writing this really great blog about friendship. And how it’s hard, but so wonderful. Because I firmly believe that. Friendships are hard and wonderful.

But lately.

Lately I’ve kinda had this feeling that some friendships are kicking my butt and leaving me exhausted.
Which I can honestly say, at this current moment, I ain’t got time for all that.

Mom brain is a real thing, and since it’s got 95% of my brain that leaves me with 5% for myself. And trying to fit in friendships that keep me feeling crappy isn’t going to happen.

So maybe this will be a post about being really thankful for the friendships I have that are thriving. One’s that have happened over time, one’s that I’ve didn’t see coming, and the one’s that have been here for as long as I can remember.

Being a mom doesn’t mean I’ve given up on friendships. In fact, I feel like I’ve made a point to get together more with friends near by. To try and make plans. Sometimes it hasn’t worked out. Sometimes I’ve tried to hard with people.

And that’s what can’t happen anymore.

I don’t think we’re supposed to drain ourselves for others, when they don’t seem to care.


Again, I’ll state. I’m so thankful for the friendships I have. For the women in my life that just get me. That understand what’s going on in my life. Some of them are other moms, some of them aren’t.

Can I just say for a minute, that I’m reaaaally thankful for my non-mama friends. Who make it a priority to ask how my life is, and come see my babe. Nothing makes a mama’s heart bigger than her friends lovin on her baby.

Where am I going with this post? Not sure.
Having one of those vomit of the keyboard type things happening.

I’m just thankful for the friends in my life who are here for me.

You know who you are. Love you. Mean it.

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Let simple be enough

There are days when I’m on social media and I get this feeling that I don’t do enough with Em.

All the moms…doing all the things with their kids.

And we’re just hanging out at home.

This morning we were out on the porch, Em was in her pack and play (I’ll kiss that inventor when I get to heaven) and I was working on my computer, and we were listening to music.

And I got this overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

That I get to be her mom. That this is what my days look like now.

Because this is enough.

We don’t have to go to every play group, and every event for tiny humans. Just being together as a family, is enough.

To the mamas who do it all. You go, girl.

To the mamas who don’t do any of it. You go, girl.

This image we have in our minds of what our days should look like as a stay at home mom (or working mama), need to come to an end. Because we’re all different. We might all have the same hours in a day as Queen Bey, but that doesn’t mean we have to fill each one with doing something.

If you’re a home body, do that. Since having Em, I’m in the category. Sure we love our Target runs, but most days, we just sit at home and play. I have no doubt this stage will come to an end quickly, so I’m trying my best to soak it all in.

But I’m human. And comparison sneaks in sometimes, and I feel like we don’t do enough.

So I’m letting go of that. I’m choosing to love even more, these quiet days at home. Listening to music and folding laundry.

Whatever you do with your tiny humans, just let simple be enough.

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Save The Storks

I swore I’d never share an ultra sound picture of my child on the internet because I just had this weird feeling about it. Kind of like, I haven’t even met you, why does the world get to.

But lately, things are changing my mind.

Here I am at our eight week ultrasound (crying my eyes out), getting to meet our sweet baby girl for the first time (although we didn’t know who she was yet). I remember going into the ultrasound full of every emotion God created me with. I was so excited to finally see my little peanut, to see her squirm around on the screen. I was 100% nervous too. Was everything ok? And the thought every mother to be has, how many are in there!?

Seeing this little bean sized human moving around on the screen is a moment I’ll never forget. Which is why more women who are abortion minded need to see their little beans moving around too.

Insert Save The Storks.

Actually, let’s back up a little.
I met my friend Ashley blogging a couple years ago. She was funny, sarcastic, and loves Jesus. Three things I use to describe myself. She also had this passion behind her for everything she wrote about, and I loved that.

I got to meet Ashely in real life shortly after, and actually flew home from the Influence Conference right next to her. We talked so much during that hour and a half flight, and I remember being so grateful for this friendship.

A short while ago Ashley and her hubby (who I also got to meet, also a super cool dude) made the decision to stop their current lives, move to Colorado and have Jesse work for Save The Storks, a non-profit. Her story is incredible, and when you’re done here hop on over to her blog to read more.
Something stirred up in my heart when Ashley shared this news. Giving up a solid job and your whole life as you know it, to move to a completely different state? This organization had to be a big deal.

And it is.

Save The Storks partners with pregnancy resource centers all over the nation to provide them with powerful tools and training so they can more effectively reach and serve abortion-minded expectant mothers.

They’re changing the pro-life movement. And I’m honored to be a part of it.

Save The Storks have mobile medical buses that they use to get to women who are in need. They park near college campuses and abortion clinics, making it so easy for women to get to them. Save The Stork doesn’t expect women to come to them…they go to them.

Local pregnancy centers offer an incredible service for expectant mothers, but many women don’t even know they exist. Save The Storks partners with these centers and provide the resources they need to get closer to those who need their services. The Stork Bus minimizes the distance between pro-life professionals and women who most need them.

I’ve always been pro-life. Abortion has never sat with me well. Maybe it was growing up in the church, and believing with all my heart that God forms each one of us in our mothers womb. Maybe it’s because I’m a Republican. Maybe it’s because I just don’t get them. I don’t understand the fact that this is a thing. A woman can get pregnant and then just decide she doesn’t want the baby.

But having Emily just stirred up a piece of my heart I didn’t know existed. Carrying this tiny human for *almost* nine moths was a gift. One that I do not take for granted. I remember the first time I felt her kick and wiggle around in there, and now thinking that some women just don’t want that.

Here’s the thing. I want to change your mind if you’re pro-choice. I want women to realize that there are so many more options than having an abortion.

I’m not going to go into when life starts (at conception), or the argument of women’s rights (what about that baby girl?). What I am going to do, is state some facts.

84% of women who have had abortions, say that didn’t have all the information they needed before they chose an abortion.

4 out of 5 women who get on a Stork Bus choose life after seeing their tiny babe on an ultrasound.

Less than 1% of abortions happen because of rape or incest.

21% of women who get abortions say it’s because they aren’t financially ready.
16% of women who get abortions say it’s because their life would change too much.

I literally can’t with the second one.

Every 30 seconds a baby’s life is taken by abortion.

A human heart begins to beat at 6 weeks. *Correction by some sweet readers, it’s actual 3-4 weeks, about 18 days from conception. Which is even crazier!
At 8 weeks old, babies facial features become more pronounced, their ears, mouth, and nose are recognizable.

13% of abortions happen during week 8.

Save The Storks isn’t looking to defund anyone, or change any laws. They don’t picket or hold up hateful signs. Their trying to make these abortion numbers get to zero.

I get that if you’re pro-choice, you believe it’s because it’s your body, and this is a choice you get to make. My only question, is that have you thought about all the women who can’t have babies? Who have tried for years, only to see negative after negative sign. Who now only have adoption as an option. I get that giving up your body for nine months is a lot, been there done that. But what if one woman, could give another woman the one thing she wants more than anything in the world. Talk about girl power. Adoption rocks, and we need to have more people campaigning for babies and adoption.

Here’s the thing though. No matter what “choice” you make…there is no condemnation in Christ. He see’s you and He loves you. Sure, sometimes this debate get’s heated. I sure as heck can get rather feisty about it…but it’s because I’m so passionate about saving babies.

And so is Save The Storks. They’re out to love on women no matter what’s going on. They want to educate and pray for women who are in need. Because that’s what Jesus did.

Check out this video.

I would love love love if you joined Sonny and I in donating $30 a month to Save The Storks. To giving these beautiful women an option besides abortion. To love on them, to give them a place to feel safe in their time of need. This $30 a month for a year saves a woman and her baby from the heartache of abortion. You can also get this amazing shirt. Click here to donate.





Friends, I am begging you to join with me. I promise you that choosing life is so much better. I’ve got the cutest kid in the world, she brings me more joy than I ever thought possible…but what if I had made a different choice?

God is good ya’ll. We can change things. Lets love these women, and save these babies.
Storks Collage (1)

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Mama’s Day

unnamed (7)

unnamed (7)

I have no other word for this past weekend but perfection. Major props to the hubs.
I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and lovely weekend if I tried.

Em and I had a Mommy & Me photoshoot on Friday, and I’m already bitting at the bit to see the photos. It was so much fun, and exactly what I asked for. We poked around Mt Dora, which we had never been to before, for a late lunch and explored the little shops in the town. I’ve had Mt Dora on my places to visit in Central Florida, so now I get to cross it off.

unnamed (5)

unnamed (4)

Saturday was spent by the pool with my parents, thank You Jesus for the weather. And then an amazing dinner at a new restaurant near us. If you keep up with me on snapchat you were most likely drooling at the photos I shared.

Sunday we ended up missing church due to someone’s nap, but it turned to be a wonderfully lazy morning and afternoon. Both of my kids got be the best presents 😉 We all got a nap in, again, thank You Jesus. And then had dinner with my in-laws.


unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)

unnamed (6)


To be honest, I had the “holy crap, I’m a mom” thought a lot yesterday. Most days I don’t think about it. I just have this tiny human who I love more than anything, and our days just go by. But yesterday I kept thinking about how a year ago I was dreaming about who that baby was in my belly, moving and kicking me all the time.

It is absolutely insane how fast time goes by.

I was reminded yesterday of how lucky I am to be Emily’s mom. That God chose me, out of all the women in the world to bring this baby girl up. That’s a tall order, friends. Our babies were given to us by God. No mistake made. He knew we’d be the perfect ones to teach them about love. To show kindness to others. And to always say please and thank you.

I’m so thankful for this sweet baby girl of mine, and a husband who made my first Mother’s Day perfect.

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Weekend Recap

I’m still trying to peel my eyes open today. Monday. I’m sorry no one likes you.

This weekend was so relaxing. My in-laws took Em for the day on Saturday which meant I got to clean the house IN UNDER AN HOUR! If you’re a mama you get my excitement. It took me three days to clean four rooms this week, so when I got to finish the rest of the house in a short amount of time, I danced for joy.

Sonny and I got to enjoy a dinner out without having to pick up toys or puffs from the ground. Not that Em is bad at dinner, in fact she’s amazing. But it was nice to just sip my wine and eat my burger (classy, I know).

Sunday we churched and came home and napped. That’s what Sunday’s are for, right?

We also made a Target trip…Sunday afternoon, not the best plan. But we made it out alive. High five.

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A Letter to Me

Dear Just Found Out You Were Pregnant Megan,

Love that body girl. Wear all the tight clothes you want. Those shorts are not too short, and that shirt is not too low. You’ve got it sister, so flaunt it. Eat what you want. Savor every bite of that cheeseburger. Always get extra whatever.

Because soon, and way too soon, things are going to head south.

Both figuratively and physically.

Despite the common misconception, once you have that tiny bebe, you will not go back down to the weight you currently are. The weight that at times you thought was too much.
Shut up, size 6. Just shut up. 

Here’s a fun fact for ya…that baby weight you’re gaining is going to hang around like a bad ex boyfriend. Clinging to you like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth.

There will come a time after baby that you honestly couldn’t care less. Because you just keep saying, “Whatever, I just had a baby”.
I’ve honestly asked my self a lot lately how long “just” is. Because we’re currently at eight months, closer to a year than the day she was born and I’m still trying to swing it.

Since that tiny babe comes in August, you’ve got the winter ahead. Thank You sweet baby Jesus for leggings and big shirts, that look #trendy.

But now.

Oh, sweet child. Now…it’s summer.

And you live in Florida.

Shorts are here again, and considering that little 7 pound 21 ounce is now TWENTY POUNDS, you do some heavy lifting.

And no, despite what you think. You’re arms do not look like a member from the Jersey Shore. All the lifting, no definition.

You’re trying though, which is what I think counts. You’re up an absurd amount from you “pre-baby” weight…but that number means nothing! You’re beautiful and strong, and you birthed a human! Said no one ever.

It’s tough kiddo, but you can do it. Maybe, once the kid comes out, we don’t have chic fila four times a week. Maybe.

Also, if you want advice, know this.
Breastfeeding does not guarantee weight loss. It might for a short time, but those pounds come back with a vengeance. And they bring some friends.
Breastfeed that baby…but also, maybe work out before six months postpartum. Just a thought.

But no matter what any diet says. Never. And I repeat never. Give up wine. That’s called “Mommy’s Sanity in a Bottle”.

Also. Just because you’re throwing up every five minutes now and you’re actually loosing weight while pregnant…does NOT mean you should try and make up for lost food not eaten later. Again, you do you girl, just a suggestion.

Maybe take some more mirror selfies to have later.

You, just thirty pounds heavier.


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Let’s Chat

Life lately has been crazy busy. Sonny’s been out of town twice this month which meant Em and I went to stay at my parents. Which I love so much, but it’s exhausting. Getting a baby and a dog ready to basically “go out of town” is for the birds. But I do have six extra hands helping me, so who can complain.

This past weekend Em had a very special “first”. The beach. Mommy’s happy place. I realized quickly that the days of just going to the beach for a little are long gone. There’s positively no just hoping in the car and going. Nope. Now there’s more sunscreen then imaginable, umbrellas, towels, toys, diapers, wipes, toys, diapers…it’s a thing now. But a wonderful thing now.

unnamed (3)

We’ve found our new favorite restaurant to go to for a quick dinner. If you live in Orlando, you’re welcome.

I spent an absurd amount of money on two headbands for Em a couple weekends ago, but they are the cutest. She’ll also wear them every day from now until she’s 10 just to make it worth it. #youkillmewinterpark

unnamed (2)

I “finished” my second round of the 21 day fix. That’s a very loose statement. It didn’t go as great at the first time, but I’m excited to do it again. Going out of town is hard. And sometimes you just need more cake, amirite?

It’s the NBA playoffs, so I’ll just be praying God still doesn’t hate Cleveland.

What’s new with you!?



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