Mama’s Day

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I have no other word for this past weekend but perfection. Major props to the hubs.
I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and lovely weekend if I tried.

Em and I had a Mommy & Me photoshoot on Friday, and I’m already bitting at the bit to see the photos. It was so much fun, and exactly what I asked for. We poked around Mt Dora, which we had never been to before, for a late lunch and explored the little shops in the town. I’ve had Mt Dora on my places to visit in Central Florida, so now I get to cross it off.

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Saturday was spent by the pool with my parents, thank You Jesus for the weather. And then an amazing dinner at a new restaurant near us. If you keep up with me on snapchat you were most likely drooling at the photos I shared.

Sunday we ended up missing church due to someone’s nap, but it turned to be a wonderfully lazy morning and afternoon. Both of my kids got be the best presents 😉 We all got a nap in, again, thank You Jesus. And then had dinner with my in-laws.


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To be honest, I had the “holy crap, I’m a mom” thought a lot yesterday. Most days I don’t think about it. I just have this tiny human who I love more than anything, and our days just go by. But yesterday I kept thinking about how a year ago I was dreaming about who that baby was in my belly, moving and kicking me all the time.

It is absolutely insane how fast time goes by.

I was reminded yesterday of how lucky I am to be Emily’s mom. That God chose me, out of all the women in the world to bring this baby girl up. That’s a tall order, friends. Our babies were given to us by God. No mistake made. He knew we’d be the perfect ones to teach them about love. To show kindness to others. And to always say please and thank you.

I’m so thankful for this sweet baby girl of mine, and a husband who made my first Mother’s Day perfect.

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