Weekend Recap


I’m still trying to peel my eyes open today. Monday. I’m sorry no one likes you.

This weekend was so relaxing. My in-laws took Em for the day on Saturday which meant I got to clean the house IN UNDER AN HOUR! If you’re a mama you get my excitement. It took me three days to clean four rooms this week, so when I got to finish the rest of the house in a short amount of time, I danced for joy.

Sonny and I got to enjoy a dinner out without having to pick up toys or puffs from the ground. Not that Em is bad at dinner, in fact she’s amazing. But it was nice to just sip my wine and eat my burger (classy, I know).


Sunday we churched and came home and napped. That’s what Sunday’s are for, right?

We also made a Target trip…Sunday afternoon, not the best plan. But we made it out alive. High five.

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