A Letter to Me

Dear Just Found Out You Were Pregnant Megan,

Love that body girl. Wear all the tight clothes you want. Those shorts are not too short, and that shirt is not too low. You’ve got it sister, so flaunt it. Eat what you want. Savor every bite of that cheeseburger. Always get extra whatever.

Because soon, and way too soon, things are going to head south.

Both figuratively and physically.

Despite the common misconception, once you have that tiny bebe, you will not go back down to the weight you currently are. The weight that at times you thought was too much.
Shut up, size 6. Just shut up. 

Here’s a fun fact for ya…that baby weight you’re gaining is going to hang around like a bad ex boyfriend. Clinging to you like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth.

There will come a time after baby that you honestly couldn’t care less. Because you just keep saying, “Whatever, I just had a baby”.
I’ve honestly asked my self a lot lately how long “just” is. Because we’re currently at eight months, closer to a year than the day she was born and I’m still trying to swing it.

Since that tiny babe comes in August, you’ve got the winter ahead. Thank You sweet baby Jesus for leggings and big shirts, that look #trendy.

But now.

Oh, sweet child. Now…it’s summer.

And you live in Florida.

Shorts are here again, and considering that little 7 pound 21 ounce is now TWENTY POUNDS, you do some heavy lifting.

And no, despite what you think. You’re arms do not look like a member from the Jersey Shore. All the lifting, no definition.

You’re trying though, which is what I think counts. You’re up an absurd amount from you “pre-baby” weight…but that number means nothing! You’re beautiful and strong, and you birthed a human! Said no one ever.

It’s tough kiddo, but you can do it. Maybe, once the kid comes out, we don’t have chic fila four times a week. Maybe.

Also, if you want advice, know this.
Breastfeeding does not guarantee weight loss. It might for a short time, but those pounds come back with a vengeance. And they bring some friends.
Breastfeed that baby…but also, maybe work out before six months postpartum. Just a thought.

But no matter what any diet says. Never. And I repeat never. Give up wine. That’s called “Mommy’s Sanity in a Bottle”.

Also. Just because you’re throwing up every five minutes now and you’re actually loosing weight while pregnant…does NOT mean you should try and make up for lost food not eaten later. Again, you do you girl, just a suggestion.

Maybe take some more mirror selfies to have later.

You, just thirty pounds heavier.


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Let’s Chat

Life lately has been crazy busy. Sonny’s been out of town twice this month which meant Em and I went to stay at my parents. Which I love so much, but it’s exhausting. Getting a baby and a dog ready to basically “go out of town” is for the birds. But I do have six extra hands helping me, so who can complain.

This past weekend Em had a very special “first”. The beach. Mommy’s happy place. I realized quickly that the days of just going to the beach for a little are long gone. There’s positively no just hoping in the car and going. Nope. Now there’s more sunscreen then imaginable, umbrellas, towels, toys, diapers, wipes, toys, diapers…it’s a thing now. But a wonderful thing now.

unnamed (3)

We’ve found our new favorite restaurant to go to for a quick dinner. If you live in Orlando, you’re welcome.

I spent an absurd amount of money on two headbands for Em a couple weekends ago, but they are the cutest. She’ll also wear them every day from now until she’s 10 just to make it worth it. #youkillmewinterpark

unnamed (2)

I “finished” my second round of the 21 day fix. That’s a very loose statement. It didn’t go as great at the first time, but I’m excited to do it again. Going out of town is hard. And sometimes you just need more cake, amirite?

It’s the NBA playoffs, so I’ll just be praying God still doesn’t hate Cleveland.

What’s new with you!?



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A letter to my girl

Emily Mae,

I’m sitting here watch you in your ExerSaucer (moms if you don’t have this, run don’t walk and go get it) and I can’t get over how grown up you are already.

Watching you figure out how things work, is both comical and amazing. You’re figuring out this world, one button at a time.

You’ve got quite the personality on you, and at seven months (how is THAT possible?!) I can’t wait to watch it grow even more. You’re a tiny human now. You’re moving and walking in that walker. It makes me both sad to the point of tears, but also so thankful I get to watch you grow.

You’re teething like crazy, so anything you get your little hands on goes right into your mouth. We’ve spent an absurd amount of money on teething toys but your favorites are the odd things I find that are safe for you. Like basing brushes, or containers, or bracelets. You do you, girl.

You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You smile when he comes on and you can’t get enough of that Hot Dog Dance.

I love that our days are slow and filled with lots of sitting on the floor and playing.

You’re my girl, Emmy Mae.

I love you,

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You get to do you

mylifewithalittle.comIn the past two weeks I’ve seen something on social media that’s got me a bit ruffled.

It’s no secret that moms love Target. Ok, really, what human doesn’t love Target. But there’s just something about those $5 baby clothes that makes it gold in there.

Lately though, the good old Target run is getting a bad rap.

And while I understand that if a Target run for you, is a means to escape life, or a place that you can’t go into with out spending a ton of money on frivolous things, it would be a bad thing.

Here’s where my beef comes in.

Sometimes it feels like one persons stronghold, should be everyones. That if someone with a substantial amount of followers says they don’t like Target, then everyone seems to get that opinion. It’s kind of like, we just go along with it because it might be the popular opinion.

I’m not ashamed to admit how much I love Target. Or my Target runs.
For me, it’s this sweet time with Em. She’s old enough to sit in the cart like a big girl now, so she just looks up and smiles at me the whole time. I’m almost in tears writing this because I love our trips so much. There’s also the perk of not looking like a crazy woman while talking to myself, because you know…a seven month old is quite the conversationalist.

I don’t go into Target and spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need. Ok. Maybe I get the occasional office supplies, but doesn’t everyone need 10 note pads lying around?
Target is our go to for everything, except groceries (we heart Publix). Diapers, wipes, toothpaste, dog treats, dog toys, baby clothes.

Again, I will state. I understand that for some people a Target run can be looked at in the negative.

But not for me.

And that’s where my biggest problem is. Why is it that one persons opinions have to be the masses? Why should I give up something that I love, because it’s a negative in your life?

That’s my issue with social media these days. We’re so concerned with making it look like we have it all together like she does, and we miss out on our own lives. I truly we believe we live in a society that if we aren’t careful, is going to explode sometime soon. I feel like there’s this constant demand to have it all together. And not just as a mother, but as a human. We see Instagram accounts with perfect pictures, read Tweets wondering why we didn’t think of that first, and see Facebook statuses that cause a pain of jealousy we didn’t know existed.

Comparison is indeed the thief of joy.

I can’t won’t sit here and say that I think Target runs are bad. Because I don’t. I can sit here and say that it’s a part of the week that I love. Em and I spend all day together (which is the biggest gift God has given me), so when we do little trips to the store or the park, it means so much to me. And I’m kinda over being made feel guilty about it.

That’s the thing. We’re loosing the “you do you” attitude. And it’s becoming more of “if I think this, so should you”. That’s not how it should be. Or what’s even worse, is that one person has an opinion and without even thinking if we believe the same, we just go along with it.

I get that there are strongholds in peoples lives. We all have them. But why is it that one persons has to be another? Can’t we just come together and pray for that stronghold to be lifted in the name of Jesus? For that person to be free of that guilt or shame?

I hope and pray that this doesn’t come off like I’m above anything. Or that I love to shop.
That’s not it at all.

And I get that some people could say “well you’re exactly who needs to find more in life than a Target run”. Which my response would be: I do.

I’ve got a hunk of a husband who I love with all my heart. I’ve got the worlds best baby girl who I couldn’t imagine my life without. I’ve got the funniest dog you’ll ever meet. I have been saved by an immeasurable amount of grace, by a God who loves me. I’ve got struggles too, but a Target run isn’t one of them.

If you’re days are filled with love and laughter. I think you’re doing it right. I think that you’re life is perfect, just like mine is for me. And that’s where we need to get to. Realizing that what we have, right in front of us is perfect. Not what we see on a tiny square on the Internet. Our house is enough, our clothes are enough…we are enough. 

So here’s to being nice to people. Here’s to lifting people us, whether they love Target runs or not. And here’s to being careful with what we bash online because you never know what it could mean to someone else.

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Emily Mae // 7 months


I can say without a doubt that this kid has more personality than most adults I meet.

She makes the funniest faces, which she’s famous for now, and has a laugh that will melt your heart.

+Em is sitting up like a champ. She did this the weekend she turned seven months which was a big deal. It’s been a milestone I’ve been waiting for. I just feel like she’s so grown up now. Plus, she loves to sit and play which gives mommy five minutes to clean the kitchen. Wins all around.

+The top teeth are coming, or wherever they come in next, that’s just what I assume. She chews on every thing you put in front of her. She’ll grab it and it goes right into her mouth. Baby proofing here we come.

+Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still her jam. We don’t watch a lot of tv during the day, if any somedays, but this girl gets the biggest smile on her face when she hears the words, “Hey everybody! It’s me, Mickey Mouse!” Oh, and that Hot Dog Dance.

+She’s finally eating Puffs. Not just playing with them. It makes me laugh every time because it’s truly like watching a monkey figure out how to eat. This is what you become a parent for, right? To laugh at your kid? It’s the cutest thing to watch.

+Em found her feet. It’s the best.

+Em went to her first baseball game! The Brevard Manatees! #feartheseacow She didn’t get her late nap in so we didn’t make it long, but from what I can tell, she enjoy America’s favorite past time.

+She got her first pair of jean shorts. You’re welcome.








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5 Beauty Product Must Haves


As a mommy I’m not super into beauty products…ok to be honest, I’ve been like this my whole life.

I don’t know how to do a smokey eye, it always looks like I just got punched. I have kept my “beauty regimen” as simple as humanly possible. And I don’t understand wearing fake eyelashes.


There are a few things over the years that I’ve found that I love, love, love. So here they are:

#1. Philosophy Purity Made Simple face wash
I’ve used this face wash for a couple years now and love it. I’ve got some rosacea that goes on, and this has significantly brought that down. It doesn’t dry my skin out which I love, and it gets make up off without having to use any remover or cloth.

#2. Nivea in Shower Body Lotion
I have to be honest and tell you that this is something my husband bought…sorry babe. I was super skeptical at first because the idea of putting lotion on in the shower weirded me out. And I also didn’t think it would work.
Me=wrong. And I’m so glad I was. It doesn’t feel oily once I get out, and it saves time outside of the shower. Yes please.

#3. bareMinerals Foundation
I’ve tried a lot of different foundations and this is by far my favorite. It doesn’t take a lot to get coverage. I also don’t use a lot of concealer (under my eyes, hi I’m a mom), so I love that this covers without making me use 45 different foundations and powders.

#4. Nars Blush
This was a gift from my best friend a couple Christmas’s ago and now it’s like a life line. It’s by far my favorite blush I’ve ever used. It doesn’t come off too pink, nor does it give you a really serious shimmer. It’s just enough. Run, do not walk to go buy this.

#5. Mascara
I’ve been a Cover Girl for a long time…ok no not like in the commercial but it’s what I’ve used for years. I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds, currently trying this one out, but I just keep coming back to her. Old faithful. If there’s one thing I put on my face every day, or just about, it’s mascara.

What are your favorite beauty products?


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10 things to do right NOW that will make you happy

Being a mom is hard.
Actually, just being a human is hard a lot of the time.

Days don’t go as we plan, the weather interrupts our picnics or beach plans. Someone bails on you. Your boss is a real butthead to you at work. Your babysitter fell through.

Whatever it is, we all have thoooooose days.
Unless you’re Beyonce. I just don’t believe she ever has a bad day.
Moving on.

I’ve come up with a short list of ten things you can do that will instantly make you happy.

#1. Take a shower.
Clean body, clean mind. Or something kumbayaish like that.

#2. Put on makeup.
Even if it’s just some mascara. You’ll feel like a human.

#3. Go outside.
For ten minutes or two hours. The sunshine and fresh air is a good thing. Live where the sun doesn’t shine all the time? Move.

#4. Put on Justin Beiber.
There I said it. What do you mean should be the go to. Dance girl, dance.

#5. Clean a room of your house.
Mine tends to be the kitchen. I’m not sure what it is about wiping down a counter or putting dishes away but it makes me happy and I also feel like my brain gets turned off.

#6. Watch an episode of Friends.
The One with Unagi. The One Where No One’s Ready. The One with Phoebe’s Cookies.

#7. Go to Target.
No need to buy anything, but you don’t have a soul if a target trip can’t cheer you up.

#8. Follow this Instagram account.
You’re welcome.

#9. Watch this video:

#10. Give yourself a pep talk.
Whatever is happening, it’s not that bad. Things could be much worse. Go stand in front of the mirror and shake it off.

If none of that works. Go get licked by a dog. If that doesn’t work, I simply can not help you.

This is Duke. My first baby.

On off days, what do you do to make it better?

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21 Day Fix : Round 1 Review

So before I start, you should know that in no way shape or form is this a “omg you have to do this” kind of post. Nor, is it a post about me being a coach (I am not) and how you should sign up to do this.

This post, is a review of the 21 Day Fix, but also a yo, taking care of yourself is really, really important.

And dare I say, not that hard.

I’d also like to state that no matter how much I change my eating habits, I’m never, and I repeat never going to give up the following: donuts, real bacon, butter, and the cheese fries from Shake Shack. Not interested, no thanks.

With that being said. Let’s get started.

Like yourself, I couldn’t log onto Facebook or Instagram without seeing someone (or many someones) talking, or posting pictures from doing the 21 day fix. Or some other Beach body program. They worked out, they looked great, and they seemed all around happy.
For a while though, I’d roll my eyes and say that will never be me.

I’ve never really struggled with weight, so being six months postpartum and only working out like twice, I was on the struggle bus. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize who I was looking at. The biggest thing though, was that I didn’t feel healthy. And it was all to be blamed on my eating habits.

For a while after I had Em, when I was nursing, I’d use that as an excuse.
But then I stopped, and my habits never got better.

One Friday afternoon I had chic-fila for lunch…and then had it again the next day.

I realized the next day that I needed to get my butt in gear.

So I ordered the 21 day fix.

I was so excited when it came in the mail.
And then I opened it, started reading, and tried to meal plan.
And pretty much ended in tears. 

There wasn’t a chance I could do this. These containers were so small. Nothing would fit. And trying to meal plan was just about the most stressful thing I had ever done.

So I gave up.

Just kidding!

I did for like five minutes. But then went to the ever trusty Pinterest, and found my way out of my “poor me” hole I had dug.

I meal planned my butt off. Because as it turns out, your nutrition is 80% of what will make you succeed through the program. That’s a lot.
I didn’t use the Shakeology so I had to figure out what was going to fill me up. And thankfully I did.

I also followed that meal plan and the containers about 85%. Which, for the first time I think is pretty good. Yes I cheated, no I didn’t feel bad about it. There were days that I needed more than a teaspoon of peanut butter, so I ate it. There were a couple nights where I had a piece (ok fine, two pieces) of dove chocolate, thanks Easter. And wine. Friends, I could never not drink wine.

And so here I am. At the end of my first round of the 21 day fix. Here’s my results:


I’d say there’s a difference there. I still have work to do, but! I am feeling so much better!

Here’s what I loved about the 21 day fix:

+Each day the exercise was different. You get two DVDs that include seven different work outs, which means each day you do a different one. I’ve tried to do other programs like the 30 day shred, but got so bored because you do the same work out every day.

+The containers aren’t that small. You fill up a whole yellow one with quinoa and you’re good to go, or pasta, or whatever. The purple ones for fruit, can hold a whole container of blueberries. It’s not as bad you think it is. I promise.

+The Dirty 30 and Pilates workouts were my favorite.

+The workouts are no longer than 30 minutes. Everyone, and I repeat everyone has 30 minutes a day to workout.

+I feel so, so, so great after the last 21 days! Which is what I wanted all along. It’s not about the number on the scale, it’s about how you feel.

This is basically how I feel now:

So. If you want to be like Beyonce. Work out girl. If you want a great program to follow, get the 21 day fix. Or something like it.

Healthy is beautiful, not the number on the scale. Don’t ever forget that!

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Hello, April!


March. You rocked (well, most of you did). 
+Emmy met her Aunt Josie! It was such a wonderfully low key weekend, the perfect kind for Em. Aunt Jos saw her sit up for the first time, and started to teach her how to clap. And also say her name.

+We made our first hospital trip (this is the not rocking part). I decided to give Em some scrabbled eggs for the first time on Easter morning, and she ended up having an allergic reaction to them. The irony. It freaked us out more than anything, and after some Benadryl baby girl was just fine. We won’t be having eggs for a bit now.

+Em sat up for the first time! I have been waiting for this! She’s Miss Independent now.

+We had our second sleepover with cousin Reagan, who is very helpful with Emmy. Plus, Em loves her.

+Em wore overalls for the first time. You’re welcome.


+I had an Epcot date with my sweet friend Katie. Mamas night out, much needed.

+I did the 21 day fix! A big blog post on that coming soon!

April, I’ve got some things to get done:
-Read two books. I haven’t read a book since before I had Em. It’s been too long.

-Do another round of the 21 day fix. This means I loved it.

-Revamp my closet. With the weight loss, and just in general, I need to get rid of a ton of clothes that don’t fit/never will no matter how hard I try. I’m thinking something like a capsule wardrobe.

-Find three Mommy events and attend them. Library readings, park outings…that kind of thing.

-Cook five meals in the crockpot that aren’t soup. It’s Florida and hot, so no soup. But I do need to start using that wonderful pot, all in one? Yes please.

What’s on your list to do in April?

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