10 things to do right NOW that will make you happy

Being a mom is hard.
Actually, just being a human is hard a lot of the time.

Days don’t go as we plan, the weather interrupts our picnics or beach plans. Someone bails on you. Your boss is a real butthead to you at work. Your babysitter fell through.

Whatever it is, we all have thoooooose days.
Unless you’re Beyonce. I just don’t believe she ever has a bad day.
Moving on.

I’ve come up with a short list of ten things you can do that will instantly make you happy.

#1. Take a shower.
Clean body, clean mind. Or something kumbayaish like that.

#2. Put on makeup.
Even if it’s just some mascara. You’ll feel like a human.

#3. Go outside.
For ten minutes or two hours. The sunshine and fresh air is a good thing. Live where the sun doesn’t shine all the time? Move.

#4. Put on Justin Beiber.
There I said it. What do you mean should be the go to. Dance girl, dance.

#5. Clean a room of your house.
Mine tends to be the kitchen. I’m not sure what it is about wiping down a counter or putting dishes away but it makes me happy and I also feel like my brain gets turned off.

#6. Watch an episode of Friends.
The One with Unagi. The One Where No One’s Ready. The One with Phoebe’s Cookies.

#7. Go to Target.
No need to buy anything, but you don’t have a soul if a target trip can’t cheer you up.

#8. Follow this Instagram account.
You’re welcome.

#9. Watch this video:

#10. Give yourself a pep talk.
Whatever is happening, it’s not that bad. Things could be much worse. Go stand in front of the mirror and shake it off.

If none of that works. Go get licked by a dog. If that doesn’t work, I simply can not help you.

This is Duke. My first baby.

On off days, what do you do to make it better?

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