21 Day Fix : Round 1 Review

So before I start, you should know that in no way shape or form is this a “omg you have to do this” kind of post. Nor, is it a post about me being a coach (I am not) and how you should sign up to do this.

This post, is a review of the 21 Day Fix, but also a yo, taking care of yourself is really, really important.

And dare I say, not that hard.

I’d also like to state that no matter how much I change my eating habits, I’m never, and I repeat never going to give up the following: donuts, real bacon, butter, and the cheese fries from Shake Shack. Not interested, no thanks.

With that being said. Let’s get started.

Like yourself, I couldn’t log onto Facebook or Instagram without seeing someone (or many someones) talking, or posting pictures from doing the 21 day fix. Or some other Beach body program. They worked out, they looked great, and they seemed all around happy.
For a while though, I’d roll my eyes and say that will never be me.

I’ve never really struggled with weight, so being six months postpartum and only working out like twice, I was on the struggle bus. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize who I was looking at. The biggest thing though, was that I didn’t feel healthy. And it was all to be blamed on my eating habits.

For a while after I had Em, when I was nursing, I’d use that as an excuse.
But then I stopped, and my habits never got better.

One Friday afternoon I had chic-fila for lunch…and then had it again the next day.

I realized the next day that I needed to get my butt in gear.

So I ordered the 21 day fix.

I was so excited when it came in the mail.
And then I opened it, started reading, and tried to meal plan.
And pretty much ended in tears. 

There wasn’t a chance I could do this. These containers were so small. Nothing would fit. And trying to meal plan was just about the most stressful thing I had ever done.

So I gave up.

Just kidding!

I did for like five minutes. But then went to the ever trusty Pinterest, and found my way out of my “poor me” hole I had dug.

I meal planned my butt off. Because as it turns out, your nutrition is 80% of what will make you succeed through the program. That’s a lot.
I didn’t use the Shakeology so I had to figure out what was going to fill me up. And thankfully I did.

I also followed that meal plan and the containers about 85%. Which, for the first time I think is pretty good. Yes I cheated, no I didn’t feel bad about it. There were days that I needed more than a teaspoon of peanut butter, so I ate it. There were a couple nights where I had a piece (ok fine, two pieces) of dove chocolate, thanks Easter. And wine. Friends, I could never not drink wine.

And so here I am. At the end of my first round of the 21 day fix. Here’s my results:


I’d say there’s a difference there. I still have work to do, but! I am feeling so much better!

Here’s what I loved about the 21 day fix:

+Each day the exercise was different. You get two DVDs that include seven different work outs, which means each day you do a different one. I’ve tried to do other programs like the 30 day shred, but got so bored because you do the same work out every day.

+The containers aren’t that small. You fill up a whole yellow one with quinoa and you’re good to go, or pasta, or whatever. The purple ones for fruit, can hold a whole container of blueberries. It’s not as bad you think it is. I promise.

+The Dirty 30 and Pilates workouts were my favorite.

+The workouts are no longer than 30 minutes. Everyone, and I repeat everyone has 30 minutes a day to workout.

+I feel so, so, so great after the last 21 days! Which is what I wanted all along. It’s not about the number on the scale, it’s about how you feel.

This is basically how I feel now:

So. If you want to be like Beyonce. Work out girl. If you want a great program to follow, get the 21 day fix. Or something like it.

Healthy is beautiful, not the number on the scale. Don’t ever forget that!

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  • Michelle mock

    The struggle bus.
    I am on it and I’m glad there’s transportation for people like me. Good post 🙂

  • Katie

    So proud of you always! You are one beautiful mama inside and out ❤️

  • LOOK AT YOU!!! You should be so proud! *Proven by the Beyonce… Its really not all that hard. It just takes a little determinations. (Especially getting through the guide the first time) Congratulations beautiful! 😀

  • Gloria

    Wowza! You look great girl!