A letter to my girl

Emily Mae,

I’m sitting here watch you in your ExerSaucer (moms if you don’t have this, run don’t walk and go get it) and I can’t get over how grown up you are already.

Watching you figure out how things work, is both comical and amazing. You’re figuring out this world, one button at a time.

You’ve got quite the personality on you, and at seven months (how is THAT possible?!) I can’t wait to watch it grow even more. You’re a tiny human now. You’re moving and walking in that walker. It makes me both sad to the point of tears, but also so thankful I get to watch you grow.

You’re teething like crazy, so anything you get your little hands on goes right into your mouth. We’ve spent an absurd amount of money on teething toys but your favorites are the odd things I find that are safe for you. Like basing brushes, or containers, or bracelets. You do you, girl.

You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You smile when he comes on and you can’t get enough of that Hot Dog Dance.

I love that our days are slow and filled with lots of sitting on the floor and playing.

You’re my girl, Emmy Mae.

I love you,

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