Pumpkin Patching

We took Em to a pumpkin patch the other night and although I was a sweaty tired mess from chasing and scooping her up the whole time, we had so much fun. It’s defiantly a new family tradition.

She was far more enamored with the hay on the ground than the actual pumpkins, but I’ll take it because hello. This outfit is too much. Trendy baby alert.

megan-elizabeth-photography-1 megan-elizabeth-photography-4 megan-elizabeth-photography-6 megan-elizabeth-photography-7 megan-elizabeth-photography-9

This was when she saw another tiny human.

megan-elizabeth-photography-10 megan-elizabeth-photography-11

When you try, and try to get a “mom blogger” picture.


Getting a picture with a one year old is hard. Her shirt is unbuttoned haha


THESE TWO. My whole heart.


Happy Fall! Do you have any family fall traditions?

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It Just Gets Better


As a mom, you’ll loose count of the times, “It just goes by too quickly!” will come out of your mouth.
Because I’m here to tell you it honestly does.
Somehow, I have a one year old.

And this is a big but here.
Just because it goes by quickly, doesn’t mean it’s not amazing.

For the first year of Ems life I did a chalk board of what was going on with her that month, and every time I wrote it, I couldn’t help but get so happy looking at the tiny human she was becoming. Each month she grew physically, but so did her personality, and all the little weird things she does.

It just got better and better.
And keeps getting better and better.

I miss those newborn snuggles. I do not miss getting up every 3-4 hours.
I miss the stage where I could just put her in her mamaroo and get the kitchen cleaned. But I love that she “helps” me know. *Not helping making a bigger mess, but makes me laugh doing it so I’ll take it.*
I’m not going to miss this almost walking still wants to be held stage, but I’m also terrifyingly excited about her walking all on her own. SO SOON.

If I could go back and replay every day over again thus far I would. But I’d watch and know that things just kept getting better.

Sometimes it’s fun to think about the future with Emily. Walking, running, talking in full sentences, and I honestly can’t wait for any of it.

So if you’re a new mom having those “please don’t grow up” feelings, know that you’re not alone. But. I can tell you. It’s going to be amazing the bigger they get.

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To the Week Ahead

Let’s make this week better than the last.

Even if it was the most amazing week. Let’s make it better.

More coffee, more reading, more doing things for you. Take the time, you deserve it.

May we choose to see the good in this week, and let go of any of the bad.

To the week ahead, let it be better than the last.

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On The Hard Days


Oh, girl. There are going to be hard days.
We just got done going through our first Hurricane with our tiny human and I’m here to tell you they were all hard days. Leading up to it, watching the news and hearing the weather man say words like “total devastation”, makes for one stressful mama.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far as a mom though. Tomorrow will be here before you know it, and the hard day will be over. This doesn’t make it easier, no. But it reminds me that these hard days are honestly far and few between, and in ten years I won’t remember them.
Ok, yes. I’ll remember the hurricane.

But those ordinarily hard days, when you’re tired and have the most active tiny human who just wants to go go go, and then the dog tracks poop all through the house and the end just doesn’t seem in site…those days are going to come to an end.

Tomorrow is going to come and we can make it so much better.

On the hard days, give yourself some grace. To mess up, to have a short fuse. Sometimes I just think it’s better to acknowledge the bad day, get through it, and move on. Than it is to dwell on it. Or try and wrestle with yourself all day to make things change.

It’s ok to have super grumpy days. Been there, done that. Not even sorry considering they happen maybe once a month. That’s why God invented Starbucks and Target. Heaven on earth for mothers.

So on the hard days, just let it be that.
But on the next day, wake up knowing it will be a good one.

And listen to me here. Listen really, really well. Just because you have a hard and terrible day does not mean you are a bad mother. These bad days will happen. You’ll loose your ever loving you know what on the most ridiculous things, and your kids will think you’re a complete loony bin. But that one day doesn’t make up for the other 99% of the time when you’re totally on your game. When nothing goes unnoticed, when everyone is every where on time, when no one is left crying at the dinner table still hungry.

You’re doing an amazing job.

So just let the bad days happen.

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Hurricane Matthew

Hi, friends! We’re off hunkering down for Hurricane Matthew who is equally annoying and scaring me as a mom.

I have a couple posts scheduled but giving myself some grace and not worrying about the missing days.

Pray for the East Coast, or send up good vibes or do a dance, whatever you do.

Have a great weekend!

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Winning Mom Moments


Emily is one. Which means things are getting pretty interesting around here.
We’ve talked about how we’ll parent our children before, but when you’re in the thick of things, your mind might change. For instance.

Before Em was born I was really admit about how little tv I wanted her to watch.
Go ahead, you can laugh at me.
But I read all the articles about how you shouldn’t let them watch tv until their two.
Now I’m laughing with you.

Obviously Em watches tv. Sesame Street is my saving grace some days. So while I changed my opinion on that, there are somethings I haven’t changed my opinion on.

Like reprimanding my child.

Here’s a fun story for you.

The other day Em was eating dinner and started banging on her high chair like a barbarian. Vegetables went flying. Peas this way, carrots that way.
I immediatly told her no.
To which she just continued doing what she was doing.
I tried again, “Emily, no!”.

The banging continued.

I tried two more times and then finally went over to her and started to say “No”, while moving her hand down by her side.

Finally, I gave her a little smack on the hand.


I had to turn around and walk away from laughing back at her.

Now some of you might still be caught up on the whole I hit my kid thing, something I was raised with that I’ll do with my kids, BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT DOESN’T WORK.

She’s super sassy right now. Which is equally funny and terrible. But you guys, she laughed at me. Like from the belly giggled laughed at me.

I feel as if I should prepare for the worst at this point.
I’m winning as a mother when I try to reprimand my child and she laughs at me.

That’s what kids are put on this earth for, right? To make us laugh?

For now, I’ll just be off consulting all the parenting books on how to tell your kid no without saying the words and still making them feel like a rainbow.

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