Give yourself a slow clap

I’m realizing that as a mom, it’s ok to be really proud of yourself for doing the littlest things.

Like last night. When I had a super fussy baby but got all ten finger nails clipped. I honestly thought, “Yes. Today was a win.”
Most days I feel like it’s all crumbling around me, so when things go right, I deserve that slow clap!

And so do you!


So mama, take the clap. Celebrate the cut finger nails, the clean kitchen counter for the first time in a week, the pile of laundry that’s half the size it was yesterday, and the fact that you drank your whole cup of coffee while it was warm.


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Raise Good Humans

I want my children to grow up and be the “nice” ones. The kids that all parents let their kids hang out with, because they come from a “good family” and have “good morals”. I get that this is really 1950s housewife of me.

But it’s the truth.

I want to raise good humans. Kind humans. Generous humans. Courageous humans.

And I know it’s going to be a battle because we live in a world where most people can’t see past their own nose. I watch the news, read tweets and see Instagram posts and sometimes I get so sad for humanity as a whole. *Facebook not included because we broke up*. I think we can all agree this is the ugliest election season that’s ever been. Have we ever had two people constantly trying to seriously bring down the other like these two? Two people that will go to any length just to make it to the top?

I want my kids to have the will power to go after the things they want. But dang. If it means totally shoving someone into the mud, I won’t have it.

As mothers, it is our job to raise good humans. To raise up humans that care about each other, even if they have different opinions on things.

Ya’ll it’s a sad day when our only concern is ourselves, and it’s even sadder to admit that we’re already there.

So let’s stop.

Let’s stop handing our kids everything they ask for. Let’s stop being embarrassed at reprimanding our children. Let’s not worry about being the cool mom, because although it’s a title we all want, if we raise them right we’ll get it¬†anyways.¬†Let’s not change our convictions because they don’t go along with others.

Let’s raise good humans.

Who say please and thank you. Who open doors for people. Who don’t throw fits at age 10 when you say no. Who want to help others. Who want to change the world for good.

So seriously. Let’s raise good humans.

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The Future Freaks Me Out

It’s not a secret that we’re living in some dark times, and I honestly don’t mean to be “that person”, but let’s just be real here for a second.

We’ve got wars going on, people flying planes into buildings, shooting up nightclubs (and other establishments that I’m not even going to type out), Police officers being shot for doing their jobs, racism rearing it’s such ugly head, two people running for President that are literally the worst.

Is there so much left that’s good? Yes, the answer, I pray, will always be yes.


That’s the thing.

Mamas, we have got to pray for the future of our children. The world that they’ll grow up in, the people they’ll become. In total honesty, it all freaks me out a little.
Ok a lot.

I’ve been working on praying for Em’s future lately. Specifically that she’d grow up and know Jesus. That she’d follow Him, be an example of Him. And that’s about as far as I get.
Because I think that’s the most important.

Do I want her to do well in life? Go to college, get a good job, get married, give me a ton of grand babies? You bet. But above all of that. I want her to have a strong relationship with the Lord.

Because who knows what this world will look like in ten to twenty years.

The future freaks me out, but I have a hope that is ever lasting. My human emotions sometimes get the best of me, but I’m quieted so often by the reminder that no matter what…no matter what happens in the world, no matter who gets elected. I’m ok. We’re ok. Our children, when we raise them up in Christ, will be ok.


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Pumpkin Patching

We took Em to a pumpkin patch the other night and although I was a sweaty tired mess from chasing and scooping her up the whole time, we had so much fun. It’s defiantly a new family tradition.

She was far more enamored with the hay on the ground than the actual pumpkins, but I’ll take it because hello. This outfit is too much. Trendy baby alert.

megan-elizabeth-photography-1 megan-elizabeth-photography-4 megan-elizabeth-photography-6 megan-elizabeth-photography-7 megan-elizabeth-photography-9

This was when she saw another tiny human.

megan-elizabeth-photography-10 megan-elizabeth-photography-11

When you try, and try to get a “mom blogger” picture.


Getting a picture with a one year old is hard. Her shirt is unbuttoned haha


THESE TWO. My whole heart.


Happy Fall! Do you have any family fall traditions?

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It Just Gets Better


As a mom, you’ll loose count of the times, “It just goes by too quickly!” will come out of your mouth.
Because I’m here to tell you it honestly does.
Somehow, I have a one year old.

And this is a big but here.
Just because it goes by quickly, doesn’t mean it’s not amazing.

For the first year of Ems life I did a chalk board of what was going on with her that month, and every time I wrote it, I couldn’t help but get so happy looking at the tiny human she was becoming. Each month she grew physically, but so did her personality, and all the little weird things she does.

It just got better and better.
And keeps getting better and better.

I miss those newborn snuggles. I do not miss getting up every 3-4 hours.
I miss the stage where I could just put her in her mamaroo and get the kitchen cleaned. But I love that she “helps” me know. *Not helping making a bigger mess, but makes me laugh doing it so I’ll take it.*
I’m not going to miss this almost walking still wants to be held stage, but I’m also terrifyingly excited about her walking all on her own. SO SOON.

If I could go back and replay every day over again thus far I would. But I’d watch and know that things just kept getting better.

Sometimes it’s fun to think about the future with Emily. Walking, running, talking in full sentences, and I honestly can’t wait for any of it.

So if you’re a new mom having those “please don’t grow up” feelings, know that you’re not alone. But. I can tell you. It’s going to be amazing the bigger they get.

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