It Just Gets Better


As a mom, you’ll loose count of the times, “It just goes by too quickly!” will come out of your mouth.
Because I’m here to tell you it honestly does.
Somehow, I have a one year old.

And this is a big but here.
Just because it goes by quickly, doesn’t mean it’s not amazing.

For the first year of Ems life I did a chalk board of what was going on with her that month, and every time I wrote it, I couldn’t help but get so happy looking at the tiny human she was becoming. Each month she grew physically, but so did her personality, and all the little weird things she does.

It just got better and better.
And keeps getting better and better.

I miss those newborn snuggles. I do not miss getting up every 3-4 hours.
I miss the stage where I could just put her in her mamaroo and get the kitchen cleaned. But I love that she “helps” me know. *Not helping making a bigger mess, but makes me laugh doing it so I’ll take it.*
I’m not going to miss this almost walking still wants to be held stage, but I’m also terrifyingly excited about her walking all on her own. SO SOON.

If I could go back and replay every day over again thus far I would. But I’d watch and know that things just kept getting better.

Sometimes it’s fun to think about the future with Emily. Walking, running, talking in full sentences, and I honestly can’t wait for any of it.

So if you’re a new mom having those “please don’t grow up” feelings, know that you’re not alone. But. I can tell you. It’s going to be amazing the bigger they get.

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