Raise Good Humans


I want my children to grow up and be the “nice” ones. The kids that all parents let their kids hang out with, because they come from a “good family” and have “good morals”. I get that this is really 1950s housewife of me.

But it’s the truth.

I want to raise good humans. Kind humans. Generous humans. Courageous humans.

And I know it’s going to be a battle because we live in a world where most people can’t see past their own nose. I watch the news, read tweets and see Instagram posts and sometimes I get so sad for humanity as a whole. *Facebook not included because we broke up*. I think we can all agree this is the ugliest election season that’s ever been. Have we ever had two people constantly trying to seriously bring down the other like these two? Two people that will go to any length just to make it to the top?

I want my kids to have the will power to go after the things they want. But dang. If it means totally shoving someone into the mud, I won’t have it.

As mothers, it is our job to raise good humans. To raise up humans that care about each other, even if they have different opinions on things.

Ya’ll it’s a sad day when our only concern is ourselves, and it’s even sadder to admit that we’re already there.

So let’s stop.

Let’s stop handing our kids everything they ask for. Let’s stop being embarrassed at reprimanding our children. Let’s not worry about being the cool mom, because although it’s a title we all want, if we raise them right we’ll get it¬†anyways.¬†Let’s not change our convictions because they don’t go along with others.

Let’s raise good humans.

Who say please and thank you. Who open doors for people. Who don’t throw fits at age 10 when you say no. Who want to help others. Who want to change the world for good.

So seriously. Let’s raise good humans.

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