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I gatta be honest you guys.

I’m super upset the whole world has totally given up on Thanksgiving and moved onto Christmas.

My friend Chelsea has always been a champion for Turkey Day and I’m not sure if it’s having a tiny human or what but the past two years I have been all about the Turkey.

I guess I’m just confused as to why we’ve decided to skip celebrating Thanksgiving. I means, yes, we still eat the turkey and the stuffing, but other than that, we’re just always in a hurry to get to Santa.

And believe me.

I love that big guy as much as the next girl. But you guys. Thanksgiving is so wonderful.

I was in Home Goods last week, November 8th, and there wasn’t any Thanksgiving decorations left. It was all Christmas.

Same thing with Target. Same thing with Walmart…yeah, I was so desperate I went into Walmart.

This is absurd. The second week in November, and we’re already completely done with Thanksgiving? I honestly feel like next year Christmas decorations will be out before the Halloween ones.

Again, I’ll state that I love Christmas. And having a tiny human makes it that much better, makes every holiday better. But I just can’t understand why we’re giving up on Thanksgiving.

Maybe we can start a hashtag. Or a movement. Protest outside of stores (joking). Or maybe…maybe we can all just chill on Christmas. Maybe we can realize that Thanksgiving is such a perfect holiday to relax. It’s a holiday created around food, I mean, I don’t think that’s historical, but that’s what I believe.

The older I get the more I love this holiday. I always thought it was a kick start to Christmas too.

I mean, I hate to break hearts here.
But Christmas doesn’t really start until Santa makes his way down that parade route anyways.

So here’s to saving Thanksgiving. Here’s to enjoying this holiday instead of steam rolling over it just to get to Christmas.

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