The Election Season is OVER

You guys.

We did it! We (barely) made it!

I’ll go ahead and admit that this is how I’ve felt for the last year:

It has been nothing short of a circus. A honest to goodness, we should be paying for this, circus.

We’ve gone through 100 potential candidates. Each one dipping out at the appropriate time, except for this guy:

Who was so confident he named his running mate before getting the nomination.

And so we’re down to these two knuckle heads:

Well done America, well done. Can’t blame me. I didn’t vote for either of them in the primary. #imissben

He’s orange, and she’s a liar. He can’t quite figure out how to keep his big mouth shut, and she’s still trying to figure out what C stands for.

But. God willing, we will be done with this tonight.

Just a recommendation though, I’d get a bottle of wine…or five. Tonight might be a long night.

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  • This afternoon, a friend of mine is having an election party to watch the election results, and we are planning on drinking a lot of mimosas. The polls will start to close at about 3pm our time which is crazy but also making the day less stressful for me because I know it will all be over soon.