Winning Mom Moments


Emily is one. Which means things are getting pretty interesting around here.
We’ve talked about how we’ll parent our children before, but when you’re in the thick of things, your mind might change. For instance.

Before Em was born I was really admit about how little tv I wanted her to watch.
Go ahead, you can laugh at me.
But I read all the articles about how you shouldn’t let them watch tv until their two.
Now I’m laughing with you.

Obviously Em watches tv. Sesame Street is my saving grace some days. So while I changed my opinion on that, there are somethings I haven’t changed my opinion on.

Like reprimanding my child.

Here’s a fun story for you.

The other day Em was eating dinner and started banging on her high chair like a barbarian. Vegetables went flying. Peas this way, carrots that way.
I immediatly told her no.
To which she just continued doing what she was doing.
I tried again, “Emily, no!”.

The banging continued.

I tried two more times and then finally went over to her and started to say “No”, while moving her hand down by her side.

Finally, I gave her a little smack on the hand.


I had to turn around and walk away from laughing back at her.

Now some of you might still be caught up on the whole I hit my kid thing, something I was raised with that I’ll do with my kids, BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT DOESN’T WORK.

She’s super sassy right now. Which is equally funny and terrible. But you guys, she laughed at me. Like from the belly giggled laughed at me.

I feel as if I should prepare for the worst at this point.
I’m winning as a mother when I try to reprimand my child and she laughs at me.

That’s what kids are put on this earth for, right? To make us laugh?

For now, I’ll just be off consulting all the parenting books on how to tell your kid no without saying the words and still making them feel like a rainbow.

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