Write 31 Days


So here we are again. October.

Pause to wonder how on earth this happened.

And so like any good blogger I’m fully aware that it’s also the start of 31 Days of Writing, which I’m actually excited about.

I feel like when I started over with this blog I had forgotten everything I knew from before with blogging. I also think I naively thought I’d just jump right back in with the same readers and groups.

Wrong. Very wrong.

Some days that makes me exhausted, and the thought, “No one is reading, just give up” creeps in. But here I am, still writing. Because I love it.

So I’m deciding to do the Write 31 Days this year (again, again, again). But I swear I’ll do it. Or at least 90%.

My topic was an easy one to pick from, Motherhood. I’ve officially been on the battle field, soaking up all its glory for a year now. Which means I hardly know a thing, but I’ll be sharing all my biased opinions anyways. l o l

Here’s to 31 Days of Motherhood. Yes it’s been done before, but not by me.

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  • Cherise C.

    I’m 5 weeks away from giving birth to my first, so I’m excited to read your insights into the realm I’m about to enter!

    • you are so close, girl! happy to have you following along! soak up these last couple of weeks…but if I’m being honest, what’s coming next is the best 😉