Emily Mae // 11 months



+We’re officially standing and pulling up on everything. Just this morning I put her in her crib for her morning nap and looked at the monitor to see her standing up in her crib. It’s the beginning of the end, as they say.
She loves the whole standing thing, I think it’s the independency she likes. We’ve figured this out because she does not like to be sitting for a long time. Gone are the days of her sitting still.

+Em eats anything you put in front of her, which I’m taking as a huge win. Chicken, beef, fish, veggies, most fruit. Turns out she loves bread. I have no idea where she got that from. Crackers and graham crackers are our go to lately for a quiet Emily. In church while communion is being served, Em wants to chat about life, give her a cracker. Out to dinner and someone wants to know why mom and dad are eating and she isn’t? Cracker time.

+We’ve introduced shoes. In fact, when I took this photo it was the first time Em has worn shoes…seriously. She’s a Florida baby, shoes aren’t required.

+Em is SO excited to be getting another cousin! No longer the ‘baby cousin’! Due in February. Em can’t wait to be the older cousin now!

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