I love Snapchat



I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love Snapchat. Seriously.

There’s just something so…normal about Snapchat.
It lets you into peoples lives without perfectly curated images. Without perfectly edited photos.

It lets you see people as old women, dogs, pirates, and fat nerds (one of my favs).
Snapchat lets go of what we see as the norm for social media, and lets us be, dare I say it, ourselves.

I love being able to see the mess in your kitchen. Because it lets me know that the dishes piled in mine are ok. I love being able to see your kids with funny filters, because I know I’m not the only one who does it.

I love getting to see my friends in the elements.

Snapchat does away with the pressure of being perfect, and y’all. That is a huge relief to this mama.

I wrote some more thoughts over on Motherhood Inspired! Go check it out!

And come find me on Snapchat: megwestmoreland

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