Being Healthy Sucks

We’re all thinking it, I’m just going to say it out loud.

To you living healthy:

Here’s the world I want to live in: McDonalds Egg McMuffin for breakfast, Chick Fila for lunch, and Shake Shack for dinner. BUT. You gain no weight, and someone has created a pill for me to take to get all my fruits and veggies in.

That world doesn’t exist yet, so I’m stuck in the one that tries to make me feel guilty when I just need some waffle fries.

I just finished my second round of the 21 Day Fix and I’m still alive. I followed the meal plan about 80/85% of the time. Our anniversary fell on one Sunday and we did the Melting Pot.

Here’s a super quick review on it.

I feel great. Endorphins do make you happy (and happy people just don’t kill their husbands).

-I did loose a little baby weight…like a whole five pounds. High fives all around!
-I feel stronger.
-I think you can tell a little in my face that I’ve lost some weight. If you can’t, don’t you dare tell me otherwise. I’ve also noticed my “Emily Pouch” has gone down. If you’re a mom, you’ll get this. If not. Shut your beautiful face.
-It’s gotten me back into cooking at home way more. Throughout the three weeks I had dinner out three times, and if I did have lunch out it was a salad. Had Chic fila once, I’m not a monster.
-When I’m done with the fix I am more conscious of what I’m eating and what would go into the containers.

Ok. Now the bad parts.

-Working out every day is really hard. BUT! I’m proud that I only missed one work out.

-Keeping to the containers suck.
-I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY NO MATTER HOW MUCH OR WHAT I EAT. To help with this I ate more protein during the day, aka the red containers.

This time around I did get the Shakeology, so here’s info about that:

-It does taste good. Even on it’s own, it isn’t terrible.
My go to “recipe” was Almond milk, water, a banana, and some peanut butter
-It was not a meal replacement for me. Not eeeeeeeven close. I was full for about two hours, maybe. Maybe.
-It seems a little expensive to me.
-Having done the Fix with and without it, I would say if you can do it, go for it because it helps you loose weight faster.
-It’s supposed to “curb cravings” but I honestly felt like it increased some. Like chocolate, which is weird because it I did the chocolate flavor.

All in all, if you’ve been thinking about giving it a try, I would.

Here’s my whole thing though on this living healthy.

I’m just not interested.
Doesn’t mean I won’t. But I won’t to this extent.

Because like I’ve said before. I will not, I will not live in a world without butter, bacon, chocolate and wine.

I’m cheering all you heath nuts on. You Whole Foods dinner gals and guys. I’m envious that that little box of food fills you up. But listen. Mamas gatta eat.

So while yes, I realize I’m not in high school anymore and can eat what I want, I’ll do my best to eat well. But I won’t ever say no when you ask me to go pig out with you somewhere either.

Have you ever done the Fix? What’s your eating healthy tips?

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  • Augh. Being healthy is the worst… But also the best… But mostly the worst. 😉

  • Ohhh I hear ya. I’ve never done any of those diets like that but when I originally lost over 100 pounds (pre-baby, it was by exercising and logging on MyFitnessPal). And it sucked. I’m trying to find a happy medium but it is so tough.