10 Things October Taught Me

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Yes. The eye fell off 10 minutes after I put it on her so I just drew one on. 

#1. Writing every day for 31 days is really freaking hard. But I’m also super proud of myself for how much I did.

#2. The Cleveland Indians are a really really good baseball team. I gatta be honest and say I didn’t watch any games during the regular season, just the highlights. But I’ve watched just about every Post Season game and I can’t get enough. Plus. WE’RE ONE GAME AWAY FROM WINNING THE WORLD SERIES.

#2. We’re all going to have difficult people in our lives to deal with. And I find that most of them aren’t by choice. But you’ve got to just deal and move on.

#3. Mom bloggers with perfect pictures with their perfect children deserver a bottle of wine. Because I don’t know how the hell they do it. I tried so hard at the pumpkin patch…no luck.

#4. The Pumpkin Spice Latte will be served in heaven.

#5. I can’t get out of Target without spending over $50. If you know how, please let me know. Most times I leave saying, “What the crap did I just buy?” But I still love it there.

#6. Being a parent during Halloween is so much better. For so many reasons. One: When you dress up, it’s not to be the hottest, it’s to be the cutest freaking family alive. Two: There is nothing better than seeing your tiny human in a costume. Three: You get to sit out front, drink beer, and hand out candy. Yes and Yes.

#7. The crockpot is a gift from God and I do not know why I don’t use it more. Put a whole meal in a pot and leave it all day?! Maybe I’ll start writing the recipes down?

#8. The Cleveland Browns are a terrible football team.

#9. Hillary Clinton thinks third trimester abortions are ok. THEY ARE NOT.

#10. I’m almost annoyed at Christmas being put out on November 1. This usually never happens. But I am super into fall and Thanksgiving this year.

What did October teach you?

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10 Things September Taught Me

unnamed{Em, your choices are Cleveland or Miami. It’s a loose loose situation for you, kiddo. Sorry}

1. Being a “single mom” is hard. Sonny was out of town for two weekends in a row, and while I had some help from family, it was pretty much just me and kiddo all weekend. And it’s hard. My hat is off to single moms, and moms (or dads) of loved ones over seas. You rock. Seriously.

2. Just because you make a To-Do list doesn’t mean you have to follow it. I didn’t get any books read, I didn’t find anything fun and new to do. But I found other things in between.

3. Eating healthy is better for you and makes you feel better. I know, so silly I’m even writing this. But lately I’ve been *trying* to eat better and I’ve noticed that my usual 4:00 drag hasn’t come along. Some times I just make a cup of coffee, just to drink it. When before it was just to survive.

4. The Cleveland Browns are a TERRIBLE football team. I have no other words about this.

5. It doesn’t matter how much research you do for a Fantasy Football league, your team can still suck. I’m currently 0-3. #UGH.

6. People are mean. I quit Facebook because I just couldn’t do it anymore and this was a huge reason why.

7. Eating healthy is hard. There’s a reason it’s called “Fast Food”.

8. Endorphins make you happy…and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. Hashtag if you don’t get that, I’m not sure we can be friends. I started the 21 day fix again. Pray for me.

9. Getting out of the house is proven to make you happier. By me. Because some days I just have to get out. A stroll through Target, or just to the grocery store for ten minutes. Automatic mood changer for me.

10. FALL WILL COME TO FLORIDA AT SOME POINT. And it might only be here for a day or two, but it’s coming. We have had 72 degree mornings and I’ve literally jumped for joy and praised the Lord.

What did September teach you?

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10 Things I learned in August



#1. Planning a first birthday a big deal.
From decorations to invites. I’m fine with admitting that I went over board. Because you’re kid only turns ONE once.

#2. Giving your one year old cake is not a good idea.
Yes, the cake smash is adorable. But y’all. Em was up three hours past her bedtime that night. Not worth it.

#3. You can’t “get” everyone.
It’s not that I’m a giant people pleaser, but I try to get people. Like, “oh, I totally get her”. But I’ve learned this month that I just can’t. And that’s ok. People are going to do things you don’t get, that might hurt your feelings. And there’s some times nothing you can do about it.

#4. Giant Balloons are always a good idea.
Would I have picked out the 4 foot Elmo myself? No, but thank goodness daddy did because Em loved it more than any of the toys she got.

#5. There’s no escaping the Florida heat.
I’ve tried it all but I’ve been in a constant sweat for a month now.

#6. Family pictures are defiantly worth it.
And I’m not just saying this because I’m a photographer. But I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have these pictures to look back on. Were we sweaty messes? And did the session only last 20 minutes because Em is one. Yes. But so so worth it. Side note. The above picture is from my sweet friend, Mindy.

#7. I love the Olympics.
I had no idea how much I did before this years Olympics. It’s all we watched for two weeks and I loved every minute of it.

#8. There are so.many.sports in the Olympics.
Twenty eight to be exact.

#9. An almost walking tiny human is terrifying.
I can’t imagine what happens when she’s actually up all on her own.

#10. Spending time with your people is what matters most.
A lesson I think we all know, but need to be reminded of every once in a while.

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