New Year, New Goals

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I still haven’t totally made my mind up on whether I like goals or not. I make them every year, and most times I don’t come through with them.

But when I say I feel a little different this year…I actually mean it.
I’ve got this, “You go, girl” attitude happening right now.

And the key is to keep it going.

I came up with nine goals for my year. Nine goals that get me really, really excited about life in general.

#1. Read through the Bible.
I’m pretty sure this has been on my goals list for a couple years now, and to be even more honest here I’ll say I’m not even sure I’ve ever started it. Ok I’ve started, but I get to the end of Genesis and stop. If you’ve got a good plan let me hear it!

#2. Get in better shape.
I actually wrote “loose weight” in my notebook but I don’t really love that idea. I’m not defined by the number on the scale, so it’s so much more about how I feel. I’ve never struggled with weight, but I’m currently the heaviest I’ve ever been. And while I’ve thought I’d loose all that baby weight by now, I haven’t. I’m starting the 21 day Fix again next week, so there’s a jump start on this goal!

#3. Cook through “French Country Cooking”.
Sonny got me this, and a Dutch oven for Christmas and I’ve never loved a cookbook more. I’ve also never picked one up and thought that I needed to make every.single. recipe in it. Like, every one. Every. Single. One. I’ve already made three so far. Which is pretty much more than any other cookbook I own.

#4. Read 25 books.
Between last June and now, I’ve finished 15 books. When I counted them all up the other day I was so proud of myself. So here’s to reading more than my goal!

#5. Find a home for everything!
Even if I have to buy every organizer and container known to man, my home will be organized!

#6. Reevaluate/ Redesign Megan Elizabeth Photography.
I own a photography business. That I’ve honestly put on the back burner for the last couple of years, but I’m so freaking excited to move it up to one of the front ones. I’m sharing a big announcement on there today in fact!

#7. Go on a family vacation.
When you live in the place that people normally vacation to, it makes actually taking a vacation hard. And yes, I get that Emily is only a year old. But a nice weekend away would be lovely. I’m thinking Savanah.

#8. Memorize more scripture.
Because it’s just better for everyone.

#9. Start having dinner all together.
This one might be more towards summer and the end of the year, to be honest. Em still eats dinner around 430/5 so once I can get her more towards 5/530 I want us to start having dinner all together. Sonny and I usually don’t eat until 8, so it would be a nice change for everyone. Plus. Family dinners are the highlights of my childhood.

So 2017, let’s do this. All the things, but not too many of the things that I loose focus.

What are your goals for the new year?

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  • Emily Dunham

    So many great goals! Reading the Bible is one of mine – I bought one formatted specifically for that! I just started up the 21 Day Fix – I agree that as long as you feel good, the number shouldn’t define you. Good luck with all your goals!

    • I’ve been thinking about picking up a bible that’s divided into a reading plan!

  • Reading 25 books in on my list too! Great goals! Happy 2017!

    • it’s a great rounded number 😉 happy reading!

  • Erin

    I really, REALLY love your goals! 🙂 I’m trying to organize our whole house as well (it’s on my 30 before 30 list sooo I have until April- eek!) and just last month I started reading a lot more again. I feel like while I was pregnant all I read were baby books and then I have barely picked up a book since he’s been born – ha!

    • reading is my time for myself these days. it’s nice to be able to get some time in to read. I finished one book this year already, The Girl on the Train…not impressed, so if it’s on a list you have maybe find a different one haha

  • These are all great goals!! Hopefully we’ll both get some great 21 day fix results!! I want to read the Bible more this year too! The 21 day fix will help me physically but we can all grow so much emotionally and mentally the more time we spend in the word.

    • yes and yes! so important to stay in the Word!

  • “And the key is to keep it going.” YES. That’s how I feel this year. I really want the 21 day fix to work for you because I love you but also I really want it to NOT work because then I won’t have to do it to get rid of this FREAKING baby weight. okay love you byeeee.

    • bahahaha. i will let you know, as an update. baby weight is still here.

  • I really like #5 – I have been working on that myself and it’s AMAZING how decluttering a space not only clears up physical space but mental space, too! Also – loving that Happy Planner 😍